1999 Planning session Ollie Newton President:

This was the planning session that changed the fundimantal executive make-up of the chapter. The chapter realigned several responsiblities and outlined the chapter organization.

Beta Theta Pi…  Planning session September 28, 1999


Topics of discussion:

Fraternity Leadership:

Sports Program (External V. P.)

Campus Politics  (External V. P.)

Inter-fraternity Relationship (External V. P.)

Council involvement
Joint projects

Financial (Consolidated budget) (Treasurer)

Rush (Fall, Spring, Summer) (Internal V. P.)

Alumni relationship (External V. P.)

Homecoming events
Spring event
Newsletter (Fall, Spring , Summer)
Web Page

Pledge program (Internal V. P.)

Leadership project
Scholarship program
Fraternity Knowledge
No Hazing Policy

House Management (Internal V. P.)

Community: (External V. P.)

Food bank
Habitat for Humanity
Horse Show
Clothes Drive

Member Development (Internal V. P.)

Campus organization involvement
Leadership seminars

Chapter Leadership organization

V. P. Internal
V. P. External

Rush  Program 1999 planning

Goal:       fall pledge  class 35 pledges

Spring pledge class 10 pledges

Yearly pledge class 45 pledges

Organization:        Rush Chairman

Sub-chairman for Fall rush
Sub-chairman for Spring rush

Marketing plan:

Fall Target Markets (Jan – Sept)

Schools: rural, parochial, public, Jr. College, out of state areas
Work with Auburn Betas
Contact Alumni

Spring Target Markets (Sept – Dec)

Pledge drops from other fraternities
Men that went through rush but did not pledge
Classroom contacts


Tickets to Ballgames
Summer rush parties
Fall parties
Mail outs
Personal visits to schools
Purchase of high school yearbooks

Budget: ????