Beta Theta Founders

Our founder’s page is dedicated:
   To the immortal eight
     Who founded Beta Theta Pi in 1839;
to the sons who have followed after them
     in long, illustrious line;
  To the novitiates who, in days ahead,
       Are to “build up” this brotherhood --
your’s and mine,
this story of an American college fraternity
   is dedicated.

John Reily Knox “Pater Knox”

Born May 20, 1820, in Butler County, Ohio
Died February 7, 1898, in Greenville, Ohio

Samuel Taylor Marshall

Born February 26, 1812, in Butler County, Ohio
Died June 13, 1895, in Keokuk, Iowa

David Linton

Born January 30, 1815, near Wilmington, Ohio
Died August 10, 1889, in Pleasanton, Kansas

James George Smith

Born August 10, 1819, near Lebanon, Ohio
Died September 16, 1849, near Lebanon, Ohio

Charles Henry Hardin

Born July 15, 1820, in Trimble County, Kentucky
Died July 29, 1892, in Mexico, Missouri

John Holt Duncan

Born July 7, 1920, in Harrison County, Kentucky
Died May 27, 1896, in Austin, Texas

Michael Clarkson Ryan

Born April 23, 1820, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Died October 23, 1861,  in Austin , Texas

Thomas Boston Gordon

Born February 4, 1816, in Elbert County, Georgia
Died January 25, 1891, in Lexington, Kentucky