Beta Theta… the beginning of our tradition:

Our tradition as the Delta Theta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi began as Beta Theta. Beta Theta was a fraternity in its on right. It was founded in 1962 in a dormitory room by several young men at the University of Alabama. Our Founders wanted a fraternity different from the ones that existed at the university. These young men wanted a fraternity that has a different set of principles. They wanted a better brotherhood. This founding spirit of Brotherhood has sustained our Chapter of Beta Theta Pi and the over 800 Delta Theta members since this humble beginning. ( See Greg Cusimano's story of our founding on the main page for more details)

Beta Theta brothers recruited new members using their cars and a motel room in Tuscaloosa. They had no fraternity house. They just had a great desire to build their Beta Theta fraternity. Beta Theta was not a colony of Beta Theta Pi. The brothers designed their badges, composed their ritual and ceremonies, and chose to partition Beta Theta Pi for inclusion.

Beta Theta chose Beta Theta Pi because of its great tradition of leadership. Beta Theta Pi always led in the changing of what a fraternity is meant to be, a great brotherhood. It has a great tradition of principled leadership among social fraternities. It is the oldest existing fraternity founded on August 9, 1839 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

The University of Alabama considered Beta Theta as a colony of Beta Theta Pi; this was because the university would not recognize a fraternity that had no national fraternity backing. Beta Theta was in no way affiliated with Beta Theta Pi. Beta Theta had to carry out a unique mirage. We were a colony of Beta Theta Pi, so the University believed; and, a stand local fraternity to Beta Theta Pi petitioning it to become a chapter.

On January 9, 1965, Beta Theta was granted a charter by Beta Theta Pi added the Pi to its name. It became the Delta Theta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi and our founders dream of being part of the greatest existing fraternity in the world came true.

Here are a few pictures from those early Beta Theta days:

Beta Theta Pi and Beta Theta Badges... These badges belong to our first president Greg Cusimano.

Our first house on Thomas Street

Greg Cusimano #1, first President and house mother Ms. Murray, at The Thomas Street House

Beta Theta members move into the Thomas Street house, Housemother Ms. Watson

Beta's at Chi Omega Roast

Beta Theta members put up our greek name on our second house. The 1902 ATO house on University Blvd. This house was located where our new house is now.