Beta Theta Pi District Chief comments:

In my tenure as a District Chief, I have encountered various experiences when interacting with my assigned chapters. Some chapters were consistent achievers due to their superior operational practices and their organizational model. Some chapters would have good intentions and planning, but a lack of inclusive effort by a majority of the brothers would relegate them to just getting by. Some floundered in apathy with no vision or purpose. Most successful chapters were assisted by dedicated and engaged volunteer advisors and an active and involved alumni base. All of the above factors were a necessary part and parcel for outstanding performance.

However, the one constant that creates a level playing field for all, when followed and lived, are the Ritual values of our good and great brotherhood. Our great principles and the obligations that we took upon ourselves when we were initiated into this brotherhood are as relevant today as they were to our founders in 1839. When I was assigned as District Chief to the Delta Theta chapter, my Alma Mater, I was very excited and happy to reconnect with the entity that had provided me some of my most memorable and enjoyable life experiences.

I have been most fortunate to see this current band of Beta Brothers grow, thrive and flourish. They have embraced and lived our ritual values. They have enjoyed the assistance and dedication of an engaged advisor team and the support of an active alumni base who fearlessly undertook the construction of the beautiful new chapter house and have so generously responded to the call for a financial commitment to support it . The brothers were recognized for their efforts to be the best fraternity at the University of Alabama by winning the Most Improved Chapter Award. Our General Fraternity bestowed their top chapter honor, the coveted "John Reily Knox Award" upon Delta Theta for meeting and exceeding a formidable set of criteria based on our ritual values.

The late William Berry, Vanderbilt '68, said so eloquently, "You have to earn your badge everyday". Delta Theta has established a legacy of excellence. It is incumbent upon the brothers and the alumni every day to insure that the tradition continues. Thank God I'm a Beta.

in - kai-

John Hodges