Member Development

"Let us ask ourselves those questions of wisdom and honor: What shall I
do to render myself worthy of a brother's esteem? How shall I promote
his interests or win his confidence? And what exertions shall I make to
prove to all that I am not a mere cipher in the association to which I
belong? Let each one of us ask ourselves these questions and answer them
by our actions."

David Linton, Miami 1839 - of ever honored memory

Membership development is a key focus of Beta Theta Pi. Delta Theta Betas concentrate on scholarship, teamwork, community service, and campus life. Scholarship means each individual is responsible to the chapter to maintain a high grade average. Teamwork means each member selects an area to help our chapter in sports, campus government, community service, or fraternity government. Teamwork means working together on a community service project each semester. Betas realize that community service is a key part of being a well rounded young man. Teamwork means that each member contributes in some way to the success of the Delta Theta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi.

Our chapter expects each member to be a leader. Leadership at Delta Theta means each of us assumes our responsibility to live up to our chapters mission, to be the best we can be in all aspects of life.

Delta Theta Betas and Beta Theta Pi realize that the world today is looking for young men that know how to be part of a team. This means leaders that are very conscious of the behavioral aspects of teamwork. Teamwork can only be taught by interaction within a group to accomplish the goals of the organization. The University can give students a diploma in a specific field of study. The university can not teach a student to be part of a team; teamwork, can only be learned by doing. Delta Theta is doing teamwork.

Our fraternity provides us with lifelong friendships and teamwork experiences that will enable us to achieve our goals in life.

This page contains links to leadership training provided by Beta Theta Pi.


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